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  • Luke Davis

What makes a Gentleman

1. Know how to make a roaring fire!

2. Know your Casino games!

3. Know how to rock climb

4. Know how to checkmate in 2 moves - Play as black, white will move first (possibly to F3). If so, move your pawn to E5. If their white pawn moves to G4, black pawn to H4 thus Checkmate! For additional moves, try the Scholars mate!

5. Know how to change a tire, bicycle or automobile

6. Know how to survive - Such as consuming insects that are edible. Some examples are - cockroaches, crickets, grasshoppers, scorpions (not the poisonous tip of course), silk worms and tarantulas.

7. Man Jewelery

a. Accent your present look without drawing attention to something new.

b. As a general rule understatement is key! You do not need the diamond bling

c. Anything encrusted with Diamonds should be for your other half, not you.

d. Beaded necklaces suit surfers not suit wears, unless your office meeting is at the beach.

e. A chunky ID bracelet will look more Del Trotter then globetrotter.

8. Speak like a gentleman - Do not use slang and do not use verb conjugation and contraction such as isn't don't . Also do not use words that you do not know what they mean!

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