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All About The Bros In The Know

Together We Make Everything Better! Everything, for everyone.

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Introducing The Bros In The Know

Engaging Content for You

We are undergoing some exciting adjustments in our business plans!

Check out our blogs (which aim to be very informative and fun, mostly with your help!)

Now, you are sure to be a better person when you check out

No really, we're serious!

We are always striving to put forth the best of the best, and with the input of great people like you, our sites will help everyone both relax, succeed and be informed! 

And if you are REALLY "in the know "check out our profile on EmpireAvenue, here:

Take a good look around this site. If you find anything that could use some improvement or a whole new area that you would like to see. Please let us know, cause we are here to help. Enjoy your day! 

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BrosInTheKnow is all about making life better, by making it comical! If you pee your pants, its not our fault, but let us know so we can mock you a video!

We want to provide, good clean entertainment and ideas about everything for everyone with a healthy dose of comical reality through the eyes of geniuses! We want you to learn and laugh at the same time! Hard to do, we know!

Our goal is like a theme park for your senses!  

Some of the features you can be on the look for are weekly rants from our YouTube channel. 

You can give us your understanding from your experience! Lets help each other out, because whatever you're going through someone has been there before and wouldn't it have been nice to know what pitfalls lie ahead?

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We have a knowledgable staff always working to make your life happier! Scouring the interwebs to find the best tips and tricks to make you a better person! If you have a question, a tip or comment, feel free to leave it under our comment tab or email us at!

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